ARTICLE I - Tournament Schedule

Section 1: Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule shall be prepared by the Tournament Director and presented at a regular meeting at least one meeting prior to the first scheduled tournament.

Section 2: Number of Tournaments

The Chapter shall have 12 tournaments, at least one per month, for the months of February through November. Of those, 10 tournaments will be scored for club standing and the remaining 2 will be open tournaments as defined in Article I, Section 3. The schedule will reflect which tournaments are club tournaments and which are open tournaments when it is presented.

Section 3: Open Tournaments

The Chapter will have 2 open tournaments each year.

  • Open tournaments are open to the public.
  • Club members will not receive points for the open tournaments.
  • Rules, entry fees, and payouts for open tournaments will be discussed and voted upon by the membership prior to the tournament date.
  • Club members are not required to fish the tournament, but are required to show up and help run it. Fishing the open tournaments is strongly encouraged.
Section 4: Trophies

Trophies will be awarded at the awards banquet (typically in December) to:

  • The winner of each of the 10 scored tournaments.
  • The top 3 members based on year-end point totals using the point system defined in Article II, Section 8.
  • The member that has caught the largest weighed bass of all club members during one of the 10 scored tournaments.

Article II - Tournament Rules

Section 1: Safety

Safe conduct is required at all times. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

  • A US Coast Guard approved PFD is required at all times when the outboard engine is in operation.
  • No illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed during tournament hours.
  • Wreckless boat handling is prohibited.
Section 2: Conservation

To protect bass, all members are required to:

  • Keep their fish alive.
  • Release all bass caught immediately following weigh-in except for one trophy fish which may be kept on an individual basis.
Section 3: Acceptable Tackle and Sportsmanship

Competitors must abide by the following rules. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

  • No live bait is allowed. Only artificial lures cast from a rod and reel are allowed.
  • Trolling is not allowed.
  • Cast nets and other netting devices are not allowed except for a normal net used only for landing a hooked fish at boatside.
  • A fish must be landed from the boat by the competitor or his co-angler.
  • Fishing within 50 yards of another competitor is forbidden unless the competitor that was first fishing the area gives permission for another boat to enter.
Section 4: Pairing of Competitors
  • Each member that has his/her own boat may bring it to each tournament.
  • Non-boaters will draw for their partner at the meeting prior to the tournament. Each boater’s name will be placed in a hat and non-boaters will randomly pick a name from the hat.
  • No member may fish with the same member in two consecutive tournaments.
  • Once per year each member may choose their own partner provided that the other member is in agreement. However, item "c" is still in effect so that the same partnership cannot exist on two consecutive tournaments.
Section 5: Tournament Hours
  • Tournament hours are set by the Tournament Director and all competitors must be on the water at the ramp for the start of the tournament and back at the ramp or off of the water in the parking lot by the end of the tournament.
  • Boats will blast off in an order set at the meeting prior to the tournament via random drawing.
  • Each competitor may use the front of the boat for half of the time during tournament hours. The halves may be determined by a coin toss in the event of disagreement.
  • At no time is the non-boater permitted to operate the main power source during tournament hours unless agreed upon by the boater or in the event of an emergency in which the boater is unable to operate the boat.
Section 6: Weigh In
  • Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass are allowed.
  • A member may have no more than 5 bass. The minimum length is 12". Only 2 bass under 14" in length are permitted. Local, state, and federal regulations trump the Charter’s regulations only if they are more restrictive. The most restrictive regulations are used.
  • All bass are to be placed in the weigh-in basket, free of all encumbrances, unless the fish is "gut-hooked" in which case the gut-hooked fish can be weighed with hook intact, but all weights and other items that are not part of the hook safely removed.
  • All fish will be measured for length to ensure that it is of legal size. A fish is measured for length by having the tip of its closed mouth positioned at the start of the ruler and by fanning and pinching the tail. The longest measurement is recorded.
  • The weight will be read aloud by a Tournament Director and witnessed by the member whose catch is being weighed.
  • Weights are recorded to the nearest 1/100th of a pound.
  • Members are scored based on the tournament scoring system as outlined in Article II, Section 8.
Section 7: Penalties

Penalties will be awarded as follows:

  • Late to weigh-in: Deduct 1.0 pounds per minute up to 15 minutes. If a competitor is 15 or more minutes late the entire catch shall be disqualified.
  • Dead fish: Deduct 0.25 pounds per dead fish.
  • Short fish: Deduct 1.0 pounds per short fish and all short fish shall not be weighed.
  • Over creel: Loss of largest fish until the member is within legal creel limits.
Section 8: Point Scoring

Points shall be awarded to each member based on total, legal creel weight minus any penalties that have been awarded.

Individual tournament points are assigned as follows:

  • First place gets 20 points with each place thereafter going down in 1 point increments (i.e. second place gets 19, third 18, and so on).
  • No member attending the tournament shall get less than 5 points.
  • A bonus of 2 points is awarded to the winner.
  • A bonus of 1 point is awarded to the member with the largest fish.
  • Ties are awarded the point value of the tied position. So if 2 members tie for 2nd place then both are awarded 19 points.

Year end standings are determined as follows:

  • Members are ranked based on their points total with the member having the most points being ranked as the top finisher.
  • Ties are first settled by the total weight of fish caught for the year minus any penalties.
  • Remaining ties are then settled by the total number of legal fish weighed for the year.
  • Remaining ties are then settled by the total number of legal, live fish weighed for the year.